Breathing and Meditation

From our sister center: TriYoga Center of Central Pennsylvania



I was wondering about breath during meditation. Do you use Natural breath? Complete breath? I find myself starting with Victory breath then easing into Natural breath.
Thanks, Karen


The TriYoga® approach to meditation is to use the Concentration Kriya as a bridge into meditation. The Concentration Kriya practice (visualizing light rising up the spine on the inhale, with the mantra OM, and light cascading from crown on the exhale to AH) is a practice using complete or victory breath. After 5 or more rounds, the practice dissolves into natural breath meditation, unless one feels the need to stay with the practice due to sleepiness or activity in the mind that keeps the meditative state from appearing.

Traditional yoga follows an “8-limbed path”—also known as the “path of Ashtanga”—to a meaningful and purposeful life. Along this path, we learn to withdraw our senses inward and prepare for one-pointed concentration called “Dharana.” Sustaining such concentration leads to meditation and ultimate absorption or oneness, known as “Samadhi”.

Your natural instinct to begin with victory breath and let it dissolve into natural breath is 100% in keeping with the practices that we teach in TriYoga. You’re a natural!

Jai Guru Devi


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